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14 April 2018 0 comments

Istanbul is the only city in the world that combines two continents and hosts the largest empires of the past. This unique city that has hosted many different cultures and people has left a mark on every empire, every culture. There are many places, places and museums to see in this vast metropolis that everyone has in mind. Istanbul, which historically has existed for many years, has many historical sites within its own structure due to its long history and hosting of different cultures.

Prairie Cafe

This kiosk which located on Besiktas - Ortakoy Street upon entering Yildiz Park, was built by Sarkis Balvan and his brothers as a palace garden decoration by Sultan Abdülaziz. There is one of the two big pools of Star Park in front of the mansion.

This mansion, painted in a dark red color, was built as a single layer on the ground. The mausoleum is three sections facing the bosphorus. In the middle of Cephen, there is a balcony with four supports in front. There are two double windows on either side of the balcony door which is decorated and round arches.

Ottoman Historical Artifacts in Istanbul

The mansion has an entrance with a two-armed staircase that faces the pool. In the section between the two branches of the ladder, a door is opened which provides ground penetration. During the reign of Abdulmecit, Neo-Classical, Neo-Islamic and Neo-Ottoman paintings of foreign artists in the palaces of Yıldız and the developments in European architecture influenced the wall painting and the paintings of nature, flowers, fruits and game animals became widespread in oil painting technique. You can see this style in the Tent Mansion, the Malta Mansion and all the kiosks in the Star Park.

The ceilings are adorned with animals, vegetable fruit and flower figures to determine the beauty of the kiosks and to make sure that these places are resting, cruising and hunting.