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14 April 2018 0 comments

 When you used the Kabatas-Bagcilar metro and get in the Beyazit station, you can easily reach to Beyazit Square. After watching the Beyazit Square and famous Istanbul University, if you are interested in with books, you can walk around the Sahaflar Carsisi near you. If you ask people, they will show you the way. This area at the same time is the entry of south west of the Kapali Carsi. By entering to Kapali Carsi through here, you can go to Misir Carsisi and Eminonu by walking slowly and watching around. You can make a good shopping at Misir Carsisi and then you can visit the Eminonu easily.

 Istanbul’s Historical Restaurants

Fish Sandwich at Eminonu And Galata Tower

Eminonu, once upon a time was a really important and the biggest trade center of Istanbul. That’s why here is one of the most touristic places of Istanbul and very historical. Eminonu still is used for traders who sell electronic goods, watch and home goods. If you want you can walk around these shops and you can buy fish sandwich from little colorful boats. After eating your fish sandwich towards to Galata Tower, you can watch the fishermen or you can drink somethings at cafes under the bridge.

Istanbul’s Historical Museums and Nature

Rahmi Koc Museum at Halic

You can go to Halic through Eminonu and you will see the one of the most beautiful museums of Istanbul which named Rahmi Koc Museum. This museum opened on 1994 year by businessman Rahmi koc and includes transportation, communication and industrial materials.

Eyup Sultan Camii and Pierre Loti Hill

You arrived Halic, but you definitely need to visit the Eyup Sultan Camii which one of the biggest heritages of the Ottoman Empire. After eating the Eyüp stew at historical Eyüp Sultan Stew Restaurant, you can go to Pierre Loti Hill to see the Istanbul. And you can drink your Turkish coffee or sahlep by watching the Halic view.