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16 April 2018 0 comments

 Historical Istanbul Peninsula

Historical Istanbul Peninsula is very important for tourism and history lovers. The first places that need to be walked around at Historical Istanbul Peninsula are Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Yerebatan Cistern (Sarnici), Cemberlitas and Kapali Carsi.

Sultan Ahmet Square, Sultan Ahmet Mosque(Blue Mosque) and Yerebatan Cistern

History of Istanbul Palaces

The most logical way to go to Sultan Ahmet is by using the tramway line that workd between the Kabatas-Zeytinburnu to get off at the Sultanahmet station. If you come from Anadolu side, from Kadıkoy with steamer by passing to Kabatas, Karakoy or Eminonu and get on the Kabatas-Zeytinburnu tramway. After check out the Alman Cesmesi,Mısır Dikilitas, Orme Dikilitas and Yilanli Sütun at the Sultanahmet Square , you can visit the Yerebatan Palace that remained from Byzantine period. You can wear the sultan’s dresses and sit on the throne. Also you can take a photo and trust me this will be very funny.

Historical Sultan Ahmet Grilled Meetball Restaurant, Sultanahmet Park and Eros Tas Cafe

History of Istanbul and Touristic Places

After visiting the Yerebatan Cistern, you can go to Blue Mosque and this place is really magical to visit. If you are hungry again, you can go to Historical Sultanahmet Grilled Meetball Restaurants. They are waiting for you with original place. Without eating pizza and grilled meetball here, your visit would be deficient. After eating, you can enjoy the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque view by sitting in the Sultanahmet Archeological Park. Also after this, you can arrive to Cankurtaran and visit the cafe of the late famous actor Erol Tas. This cafe is active at the moment as half museum and half cafe. You can see all photographs of this important actor in this cafe. Erol Tas in one of the most famous actors of Turkey and has a good place in the Turkish people’s memories.