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14 April 2018 0 comments

Historical Moda Pier

From Moda to Pendik, the piers lined up along the coast were able to get off the bridge and visit the ferry vessels operating on the Islands-Anatolian-Beach Routes. The first pier of these ships was Moda.

The Moda Pier is also the working of Vedat Bey, one of the famous architects of the period, such as the Haydarpaşa Pier. In 1916-1917 the building was completed by passing through a stone road which made an elbow to the right at the middle point of the scaffold. Adorned with elegant Kutahya tiles, the pier was severely damaged during a very severe lodos storm in 1937 and the upper floor was demolished and removed.  In 2000 TDI was jointly working with Turkey Chamber of Shipping, Historical Moda Pier was restored, re-opened to service in the day of Cabotage Holiday July 1, 2001.

Kiosk of Water

Kiosk which located in Little Camlica sanctuary, has been opened to serve cafeteria service in 2008 after the renovation in 2007. In the same year, with the addition of restorant menus options to the kitchen, the interior of the mansion can be serviced to 80 people and the outside can be serviced to 250 people.

As one of the reflections of Ottoman architecture, our mansion is blended with the contemporary style, and in the first spring months, together with the sounds of nature and birds, the breakfast and the pleasure of eating are another beautiful. Kiosk of Water provides service between 09:00 am and 23:00 pm.

The ornamental pool integrated in nature on the front side shines with the pleasure of the guests of the values ​​of the water pavilion, which has become a frequent place for those looking for calmness and calmness with a difference from a natural pond. With its unique style in a lush nature, Su Köşkü offers its guests the pleasure of eating and drinking four seasons in calmness and peace.