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14 April 2018 0 comments

Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul Toy Museum

The Istanbul Toy Museum, built by the writer and poet Sunay Akın for years, collects toys and donated toys for his museum, and consists of toys filled with stories and rooms. Each floor of the room and a privilege, Turkey and a souvenir toys depicting the history of important events in the history of the world. It is a very valuable museum that you can see your child, even your child, with your childhood, even at the Istanbul Toy Museum Göztepe.

Buyukada (Big Island)

Büyükada, which is one of the most visited side aof Istanbul, is located opposite Bostanci, Maltepe and Kartal in the vicinity of Anatolia. The largest one of the island group known as the Prince Islands. Aya Yorgi Church is also here.

Places to Visit in Istanbul And Historical Artifacts


Feshane which has become one of the biggest exhibition halls of Istanbul today as a structure built for the need of clothes of the Ottoman army has also been manufactured for a period of time. Feshane situated on the banks of the Golden Horn is very close to Eyüp Sultan and Pierre Loti. ISMEK (Istanbul Vocational Training Courses), and many institutions organize exhibition and variety activities.

Historical Streets in Istanbul

Eminonu New Mosque

The Eminonu New Mosque (Valide Sultan Mosque), which has been under construction for various reasons for a full 74 years, has changed the throne of the 8 Ottoman Sultans until it was built. The mosque in the Eminönü Square is located in the same complex as the Spice Bazaar.

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern, which is formed by arranging a few warehouses at the port of Karakoy, is home to many local and foreign exhibitions. In Istanbul Modern, which has a perfect view, world famous exhibitions such as Body Wold's Istanbul, Salvador Dali and Van Gogh have met with art lovers. Never miss to check out.